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Enjoy Easier Futures Trading Through CoinEx Futures


According to TokenInsight 2021 Crypto Trading Industry Annual Review, the industry continues to break through, with 2021 full-year trading volume reaching $ 112 trillion, of which about half is futures contracts ($ 57 trillion), compared with spot trading that accounts for 43% ($ 49 trillion). In addition, the total crypto trading volume increased 3.37 times year on year. To be specific, futures contracts have grown the most by nearly 6 times, spot 2.3 times, and delivery contracts 2.36 times only. The overall data presented in the Review shows rapid growth in the futures market in 2021. It has now surpassed the spot market and become a mainstream investment channel, which indicates the market’s growing popularity.

In contrast to the lack of diversity in the spot market, futures, especially linear contracts, allow users to earn profits through long-term holding and high leverage, without having to hold different types of cryptos. Thanks to such an advantage, a growing number of crypto investors are venturing into the futures market. It is clear that a large group of investors recognize the great market prospects of futures, while the futures category has also captured the crypto spotlight. Under such circumstances, crypto exchanges can gain a foothold in the futures market and register fast growth in trading volumes only by improving their futures products while providing more user-friendly trading services.

Although the futures market has become the primary investment choice of many crypto users, futures contracts remain inaccessible to most newcomers to this industry. First of all, the futures market, a place for trading crypto derivatives, is highly fragmented and lacks unified standards. In addition, futures contracts offered by different crypto exchanges come with varying structures, and their terms and conditions drastically differ. For instance, futures contracts provided by some exchanges are complicated and require high learning costs, while others offer professional-exclusive futures mechanisms that are not friendly to beginners.

In addition to security and stability, investors who just forayed into the futures market should also consider product simplicity and ease of use when choosing a suitable futures trading platform. In this respect, CoinEx Futures comes as a good choice as it strives to provide easier futures trading services for users.

I. CoinEx Futures: A simple webpage & An intuitive futures segment

To begin with, CoinEx provides a simple, straightforward webpage for futures trading. After entering the futures page, users can first pick a market for trading linear/inverse contracts according to their needs, and once a market has been selected, they will see the present market conditions and existing orders right away.

Secondly, before choosing the margin and starting a position, users can easily find the Futures Tutorial on the right side to learn about futures trading in no time. By watching the video tutorials and completing the quiz, beginners will become more familiar with the trading process before opening a position.

II. KYC-free futures trading: CoinEx preserves traders’ anonymity

When trading futures on CoinEx, users do not have to go through any KYC authentication, which resolves an operating dilemma facing crypto users in certain countries/regions. At the same time, the exchange protects users’ assets with multiple security strategies. In addition to an anonymous, secure trading environment, CoinEx also promises that all crypto assets will be 100% reserved, allowing users to start a position and earn profits with zero concerns.

III. CoinEx helps users mitigate the position risks more conveniently via multiple futures trading mechanisms

To help users manage positions and control the relevant risks with ease, CoinEx has introduced multiple futures mechanisms such as Auto-deleveraging (ADL), the Insurance Fund, and the Funding Fee. The Index Price of CoinEx Futures is determined by the average spot price recorded by multiple trading platforms and features a built-in exception-processing logic. This allows the Index Price to fluctuate within a normal range when the price provided by a single platform becomes significantly volatile, thereby eliminating worries for futures traders.

IV. Step-by-step tutorials on futures trading at the all-inclusive Help Center

CoinEx offers a professional, all-encompassing Help Center that allows users to dive right into blockchain know-how and learn how to trade cryptos through step-by-step instructions. Through simple illustrated articles and videos, as well as simulated futures trades, offered by the Help Center, users can get familiar with futures in no time. Meanwhile, they can also search for definitions of futures jargon through the Help Center.

During the past 5 years since its inception, CoinEx has earned extensive user recognition with its well-established product ecosystem, smooth, stable trading experiences, and satisfying user services. According to data released by CoinEx in 2021, the exchange made a huge breakthrough in terms of its futures trading volume, which is convincing evidence that CoinEx Futures has become increasingly recognized among crypto investors. At the moment, CoinEx provides 100+ futures markets. This year, the exchange will continue to prioritize futures and offer a more diversified selection of futures markets, as well as easier, more convenient trading experiences.

Enjoy Easier Futures Trading Through CoinEx Futures

Cardano’s (ADA) Bulls Resurface, What Are The Next Target Levels?


Cardano (ADA) exhibited strength over the last 24 hours as the coin rallied by almost 25%. With Bitcoin trying to climb up on its chart, altcoins have reflected the same price action. Broader market seems to be regaining its lost momentum with major market movers showing signs of recovery.

The global cryptocurrency market cap today stood at $ 1.38 Trillion with a 3.6% increase in the last 24 hours. The buyers have re-entered the market after the bears failed to drag the price below the $ 0.40 support line.

Cardano bounced off the aforementioned support line and started its journey towards recovery. Cardano happens to be one of the top gainers across the industry today. The demand for the coin surged and as a result the coin continued to break past several key resistance levels over the last 72 hours.

Cardano Price Analysis: One Day Chart Cardano was trading at $ 0.63 on the one day chart | Source: ADAUSD on TradingView

ADA was priced at $ 0.63 at the time of writing after rallying over 25% in the last 24 hours. The coin broke past many resistance marks and has now found support near the $ 0.50 price level.

In case demand starts to drop, price might end up near the $ 0.59 to $ 0.50 mark following which the support level rested at $ 0.40.

Overhead resistance for Cardano was at $ 0.78 and then at $ 0.93. For the bulls to firmly establish themselves, the altcoin has to aim for $ 0.78.

Volume of ADA traded in the last trading session was high. The bars appear green which is a sign of positive price action signifying that buying strength increased in the market.

Technical Analysis Cardano witnessed surge in buyers on the one day chart | Source: ADAUSD on TradingView

Demand for ADA rose as seen visible on the one day chart. In correspondence to the same, ADA’s price was above the 20-SMA line.

This reading signified that buyers were in charge of driving the price momentum of the market.

A push from the buyers can drive the price above the 50-SMA which would be a sign solid bullishness. In relation to the buying strength, Relative Strength Index rose sharply past the half-line.

A reading above the half-line indicated buyers outnumbering sellers in the market.

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Cardano resgistered buy signals on the one day chart | Source: ADAUSD on TradingView

Awesome Oscillator displays the current as well change in the price momentum. The indicator displayed green signal bars that highlighted a bullish price momentum.

AO also displayed buy signals which corresponded with the RSI. The Chaikin Money Flow indicates the amount of capital inflows and outflows.

The CMF was above the halfline, which meant that capital inflows were more than capital outflows at the time of writing.

The indicators although bullish might not be enough to validate the current bullish thesis. Sustained increase in demand for the coin along with market strength can help the bulls to sustain the price action.

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Cardano’s (ADA) Bulls Resurface, What Are The Next Target Levels?

Ethereum Slips, What Are The Next Vital Trading Levels For The Coin?


Ethereum has slid on its charts again at the time of writing. Over the last week, the coin lost about 10% of its value. The bears have strengthened in the market because the buyers have left the market.

Technical outlook of the coin remained bearish and selling pressure mounted. The coin would continue to remain so over the next trading sessions.

The coin also witnessed a sustained sell-off over the last 48 hours. Ethereum fell below its long standing support line of $ 1900.Over the last 24 hours the coin tried to recover itself but the bearish price action is still strong at the time of writing. The bears might be exerting pressure to push the coins below the price mark of $ 1700.

A fall below the $ 1700 price mark will cause ETH to tumble further by another 19%. For the bulls to take a breather, ETH needs to trade above the $ 1900 price mark again.

Ethereum Price Analysis: One Day Chart Ethereum was priced at $ 1700 on the one day chart | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView

The altcoin was priced at $ 1793 at the time of writing. The altcoin has not traded near this price level in almost in one year now. The altcoin’s overhead resistance stood at $ 1900, for bearish pressure to be invalidated the coin has to attempt trading above the $ 2200.

Local support for the coin was at $ 1700 which the coin can trade below if the bears continue to drive the price action. The volume of the coin traded decreased and was seen in green. This indicated positiveness on the chart.

Technical Analysis Ethereum registered an uptick in buying strength on the one day chart | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView

Ethereum was trading very close to the immediate support level. The coin was trading below the 20-SMA line which meant that selling momentum was active and strong. This reading meant sellers were in charge of the price momentum.

In correspondence with the same, the Relative Strength Index was below the half-line. This meant that the buying strength was less in the market. However, it can be noted that, there is an uptick on the RSI which could be a sign that buying strength is picking up momentum.

Chance of a reversal cannot be ruled out because there is a bullish divergence on the chart (yellow). A bullish divergence is related to a trend reversal.

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Ethereum continued to flash sell signals on the one day chart | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView

The Awesome Oscillator was still negative on the one day chart. The indicator is supposed to depict the price momentum, the red histograms show negative price action. The red histograms also depict a sell signal on the chart.

The Directional Movement Index also decides the overall price movement, and it showed that -DI was above the +DI level. The Average Directional Index (Red) was above the 40 mark, which meant that the current market trend was strong and the bearishness might continue over the next trading sessions.

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Ethereum Slips, What Are The Next Vital Trading Levels For The Coin?

Ethereum Profitability Dumps To 2-Year Low As Price Corrects Below $2,000


Ethereum has been on a downtrend along with the rest of the crypto market. This has seen the value of the cryptocurrency plunged below $ 2,000 and efforts to recover above this major resistance level have been futile. Naturally, the decline in the value of the digital asset has affected its profitability. What has resulted from this is Ethereum wallets that are in profit at current prices have now declined to a two-year low.

Ethereum Profitability Declines

Ethereum remains the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap but when it comes to profitability, it tells another story. Data shows that the percentage of ETH wallets that are in profit has declined significantly in the last couple of months. Along with the price, most of the profitability decline has happened in the last six months.

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IntoTheBlock shows that only 56% of all Ethereum investors are currently in profit. This puts a total of 43% in the loss while only 1% of all investors are sitting in the neutral territory, meaning that they purchased their tokens at current prices. 

Data from Glassnode supports this metric although it puts the number of addresses in profit at a slightly higher percentage. The data aggregation tool shows that 58% of all ETH investors are still in profit. However, what is notable about this figure is that the last time that Ethereum profitability was this low was almost two years ago, back in July 2020.

ETH price trading at $ 1,781 | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.com

It is no coincidence that the majority of those in profit has been investors that have been in the market for more than a year. The long-term outlook for the smart contract network has always favored those who followed it compared to those in the short term. 

Small Wallets Ramp UP

Even through the downtrend that has rocked the digital asset, support has still not waned. Smaller investors have continued to throw their hats in the ring with Ethereum. This is evidenced by the growing number of wallets holding at least 0.01 ETH reaching a new all-time high. It is now sitting at a new record of 22,874,566 addresses.

📈 #Ethereum $ ETH Number of Addresses Holding 0.01+ Coins just reached an ATH of 22,874,566

View metric:https://t.co/XXb0u19ouH pic.twitter.com/gYKCAAlgcZ

— glassnode alerts (@glassnodealerts) May 27, 2022

This metric has hit multiple all-time highs in just the first two quarters of 2022. It shows renewed interest from smaller investors but unless this interest becomes evident in the largest ETH investors, there may not be any significant change in value.

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As for the price of the digital asset, Ethereum’s price is down more than 60% from its all-time high in November. It is currently trading at $ 1,770 with a market cap of $ 213.9 billion. It remains the largest DeFi platform with over $ 67 billion in TVL.

Featured image from Coingape, chart from TradingView.com

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Ethereum Profitability Dumps To 2-Year Low As Price Corrects Below ,000

Bearish Indicator: Is Bitcoin Headed For Its Ninth Red Weekly Close?


This week, Bitcoin had made history when it recorded its eighth consecutive red weekly close. This first-of-its-kind streak had cemented the digital asset on one of the worst bearish trends that have ever been recorded. Now, even as the week runs towards another close, the cryptocurrency has not been able to make any considerable recovery, indicating that it may not be done with its bearish streak.

Bitcoin Headed For A Ninth Red Close?

With bitcoin still trading well below $ 30,000, it is no long shot to speculate that the digital asset may close out this week in the red too. If it does so, then it will break its previous record while plunging the market into even worse bearish trends. Nine consecutive weekly closes would prove that bulls have mainly relinquished control of the market, meaning the bears have the leeway to pull the market down further.

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This combined with the increased interest rates from the Fed has left investors feeling warier about financial investments. Thus driving them towards more ‘stable’ investment options. With such money leaving the market, bitcoin possesses little chance of actually reversing the current trend.

Even though bitcoin has been providing a safe haven from the altcoin bloodbath, it does not mean that the digital asset itself has not taken losses. NewsBTC reported that while bitcoin has been the best performer of all the indices, the cryptocurrency is still down 24% from the start of the month. This decline in price means that investors are still not as bullish on the pioneer cryptocurrency. 

BTC price falls to $ 28,000 | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com What The Indicators Say

For bitcoin, maintaining above the 50-day moving average has always been a bullish indicator. This is why the current trading value of the cryptocurrency does not spell good news for it. For example, bitcoin is more than $ 9,000 below its 50-day moving average. To cement a recovery trend, it would not only have to move above this point but will need to establish significant support above the $ 40,000 level. This would mean that bitcoin would have to recover 37% to achieve this.

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While this is not outside the realm of possibility, exchange inflows show that it is very unlikely to happen. Over the last 24 hours alone, BTC exchange inflows have surpassed outflows by $ 7.5 million, showing that the sell-off trend continues to wax stronger.

Unless this sell-off trend can be halted and turned into an accumulation trend, a 37% recovery remains out of the picture for bitcoin. Coupled with the extreme fear sentiment that is being experienced in the space, BTC is more likely to touch below $ 25,000 before establishing support above $ 40,000.

Featured image from BBC, chart from TradingView.com

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Bearish Indicator: Is Bitcoin Headed For Its Ninth Red Weekly Close?

Bitcoin Robot Trading 5 Free Cryptorobots


Bitcoin Robot Trading 5 Free Cryptorobots

Since the bitcoin market has actually increased in level of popularity, therefore gets using bitcoin robot.

These types of are software application programs that engage with bitcoin exchanges to evaluate exchanging information and after that utilize this specific details to put purchase or offer orders in behalf of the people.

The robots act upon a pre-programmed and established set of guidelines to keep an eye on action in the markets.


Bots might include buying and selling methods all set up, however the buyer can likewise personalize the bot depending on to their choices.

Currently there are now lots of bitcoin exchanging bots readily available, some totally free and several in exchange for a membership charge.

Here in this short article, our experts have actually united 5 of the very best bitcoin trading bots.

When picking a program, we likewise look at various of the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing a bot and discuss what to look for.


The cryptocurrency market is understood for being really extremely unstable. It likewise never ever turns off.

Whenever traded carefully however likewise grows the threat of considerable losings, this particular can help make bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies extremely rewarding.

A bitcoin trading bot can easily assist to alleviate a few of these kinds of threat elements.

Compared with human beings, bots will just help make trades based upon the patterns and information offered, therefore feelings and impulsions are removed from the decision-making procedure.

Bots can certainly likewise run all the time, so the owner can keep on trading and even whenever these individuals are sleeping or any other way inhabited.

Trade bots likewise have the advantage of having the ability to get the job done much faster and much more effectively than a people trading by hand.

Whenever defined properly, these experts can certainly analyze information and carry out exchanges all around several cryptocurrencies and several exchanges.

What Are really the Advantages and disadvantages of utilize a Bitcoin Trading Bot?
It really is very important to bear in mind that a trading bot is certainly not a silver bullet.

The ideal bot utilized successfully might assist to grow your earnings however there are likewise numerous downsides and threats to think about prior to choosing to set up a bitcoin trading bot.


They get rid of feeling. Big rate variations in the crypto market can lead personal traders to make spontaneous and irregular trades. Exchanging bots eliminate this danger by putting purchase orders just basing on to the information offered and their fixed set of specifications.

Bitcoin robot are extremely effective. At the same time person traders are able to just examine one particular cryptocurrency market simultaneously, bots can absolutely examine and evaluate numerous all at once, identifying chances that a trader may otherwise miss out on.

These experts are quick. Velocity is of the Essence in the fast-moving whole world of cryptocurrency. It really can require time for a one human to perform a trade, & all the at the same time the trade might be losing its worth. Bots can certainly position purchase orders immediately, taking benefit of chances as very soon as they emerge.

They run around the clock. In fact, one of the most hardworking bitcoin trader can certainly not being in front of their laptop system all night and all day. A bot will definitely continue keeping track of the marketplace and helping make purchase orders in their lack, so they never ever need to quit trading.


They require tracking. You just cannot simply set a bot working and ignore it, you will continue to require to watch on just how it’s executing and establish modifications as required. A robot will definitely not get right into account external aspects that might impact the market, such as whole world occasions or breaking news reports, so might generate bad trades without any input from a person trader.

They need a bit of expertise and understanding. Bots might come pre-set with trading methods, a lot of carry out finest when reconfigured to the person’s requirements. The user will require to have a learning more about of just how the market operates and the technical elements of trading utilizing a bot.

Bitcoin robot can surely provide a protection threat. Bitcoin trading bots interact with exchanges through Administration Programming Interfaces (APIs), which implies 2 devices are interacting without any human assistance. The central attributes of exchanges and bots can produce them susceptible to hackers so people will require to involve actions for example, always keeping your API key classified information and changing off automated withdrawals. You need to likewise examine the safety report for any kind of bot you are taking into consideration.


A bitcoin trading bot will never ever totally change a person trader however, utilized properly, it can certainly lower a few of the threats and assist people to trade far more efficiently and sucessfully.

Along with many bots currently offered, it is simpler than ever before to identify the resources anyone require to automate your trading depending on to your personalized choices and stage of expertise.

Bitcoin Robot

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